When my corporate job crashed!

I had reached the pinnacle of my career in pharmaceuticals after 19 years of hard work and dedication. I loved my job, covering southern California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico for a biotech company. My reward for being a top performer was to get laid off. I was devastated. I didn’t think I could survive. The cruelty of that corporate experience made me hesitant to get back into pharmaceuticals, so I decided to reinvent myself.

Discovering my purpose:

finding my way by losing myself

I was lost. I found myself in positions that lacked fulfillment. I didn’t know what I loved. To feed my soul I started dabbling in writing, something I’ve always been drawn to since I was a little girl.

Writing had always been my dream career. However, I simply didn’t believe in my capability or have the faith I could make a living doing what I love. It was like I kept my dream on a shelf, in the back of a dark, closed closet.


         Taking a leap of faith            

It took me getting to a point where I felt so trapped and miserable that I finally had to take the risk to do what I loved most. I joined an online writer’s group and signed up for some courses. I discovered I had a great talent for online marketing, copy writing, campaign writing, and web content.

It was something I could convert quickly to an income, and a good one. I realized “I can do this!” It excited me and for the first time, finally, I was passionate about what I was doing.         


From fearful to fearless

I became fearless and gained faith in myself. I learned to trust my gut and let go of the “what ifs”. I studied feverishly the art of copy writing and online marketing and I became my best self.                                   

Destiny fulfilled       

Today, I am a successful copywriter and internet marketer.  Primarily, I focus on writing copy and content for social media marketing. I also, embraced an affiliate marketing opportunity in business education that brought all my skill sets together. I now serve two small business markets: owners who want their business to grow and thrive, and entrepreneurs who want to create their own online digital marketing business which can lead to passive income


How I serve others

I create powerful and emotionally connected messaging for entrepreneurs and small business owners, so they can focus on doing what they do best, running and growing their business. I provide enhanced exposure and facilitate influential connections with individuals and services that take their business to the next level.

It’s exciting to be a part of people’s growth and success, encouraging them to have faith in themselves to follow their dreams. Together, we create strong businesses that allow them to live life on their terms, whether that be time with family, a life of play, giving back or traveling the world. I love making a difference by helping people achieve their dreams and giving them a roadmap to


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