• Michelle Faust

Giving Birth Again

My late in life child isn’t pink and round with 10 little fingers and toes, but she’s given me all the pain, suffering, fulfillment and pure joy that a precious baby brings at birth. Her name is R.O.S.E., short for Rhino Online Strategies & Ecreativity. It’s a business born out of love and passion, created from a mixed bag of career frustrations, self-discovery and the desire to help others through my creative strengths.

How I Reinvented Myself

I met Jennifer, a messaging strategist, who recognized my writing talent and she hired me for several different writing projects. For the past year I’ve been creating email campaigns, marketing articles, web content, and co-writing a book. This experience brought me to a place where I knew without a doubt what my destiny was to be. I now have the confidence and experience to launch my own business. I feel fearless, excited, and ready to roll.

“Michelle is a great writer. She worked with Emotive Pull Communication for many months on book projects, web copy, and marketing campaigns. She’s reliable, creative, and persuasive. She produces publishable content and I would highly recommend her for the business world.” – Jennifer Kahtz, Emotive Pull Communication

How I Help My Clients

I write copy and web content for social media marketing. I partner with small to midsize businesses to identify content and marketing strategies to best serve their target market. I provide them with fresh, innovative, dynamic copy that will effectively reach their market, leading to improved customer engagement, a higher conversion rate, and increased sales. I also joined a unique affiliate marketing company specializing in business education and entrepreneurial opportunities that brought all my skill sets together. I now serve two business markets: owners who want their business to grow and thrive, and entrepreneurs who want to create their own online digital marketing business which can lead to passive income.

How I serve others

I create powerful messaging for business owners that converts, so they can focus on doing what they do best, running and growing their business. For the entrepreneur, I help them build wealth with minimal investment and maximum education. It’s a highly effective way to create prosperity within a short time horizon.

It’s exciting to be a part of people’s growth and success, encouraging them to have faith in themselves to follow their dreams. Together, we create strong businesses that allow people to live life on their terms. I love making a difference by helping people achieve their dreams and giving them a roadmap to success.

How We Can Support Each Other

Today is the birth date of R.O.S.E. Thank you for sharing such an important moment with

me. In order to see her grow and thrive I would be grateful if you could help me brag

about my little beauty and help me share her with the world. Please take a moment to

check out my website www.rhinostrategy.com. If you could benefit from my services,

reach out to me with a phone call or an email. If not, please forward this email to anyone

you know who may be interested. If you’ll visit my Facebook page to like and share it, it

would be a powerful way to spread the word for me.


Life is so much more beautiful when we support each other. Please let me know how I

support you as well. Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018,


Michelle Faust Rhino Online Strategies & Ecreativity michelle@rhinostrategy.com 480-270-9466 “Life is short. To just do things is insane. Live life with a purpose. Live life with a reason.” – John Piper.


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