• Michelle Faust

How Do You Remove Your Block?

I don’t know about you, but I get stuck from time to time. That massive block that sits in front of you, around you, and behind you, to keep you from moving in any direction. Most people experience this from time to time. My question today is, “How do you remove your block?”

Today, as I sat down to write my blog for this week, my mind went blank. For a writer, to have a mind that’s a clean slate is not akin to a fresh start. I depend on the myriad of thoughts, new experiences, and memories in my gray matter to fuel the fire and rev up my engines. Nothingness does not provide the creative spark I’m looking for.

Work Distractions

I work from home, so it would be so much easier to throw in a load of laundry, organize my pantry or dust my fan blades. As every home-based business professional knows, DO NOT let home distractions derail you. Whether you work from your home or office there are times you will get stuck, spinning your wheels and racking up non-productive hours.

My Solution

So, what did I do? I started writing about being stuck. Next thing I knew, a blog was starting to form. Perhaps not my best effort, but for me, forward movement of any kind works. The key is to have a way to remove the block, to become bigger, more powerful than the block. You need to identify what works for you.

Often though, people get stuck because they are procrastinating. They let the thing they don’t want to do get in the way. Not only are you not getting the procrastinated item done, but nothing else gets done either.

When I get writer’s block, it’s not procrastination because I love what I do. Typically, I need only sit down at the computer and start with a few words and the creative process starts to flow.

Delegate, Don’t Procrastinate

However, I know plenty about procrastination. I abhor administrative work. It’s the necessary evil of small business owners. Instead of letting it stand in my way, I delegate the work. I farm it out to someone who does it well, so I am free to do what I do best, which is grow my business. It’s not always easy to pay someone else for something I know I could do myself. It’s smart business though, because I consider my time too valuable to try to do something that pulls my energy down.

If this sounds like you, think about what it is you put off, what it is you don’t love to do. If it’s something you can put on someone else’s plate, then do it. If your block comes from having to coming up with fresh, innovative ideas for newsletters, blogs, or email campaign’s give me a call and we can talk about how I can help. Keep moving, keep growing!



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