• Michelle Faust

Is Life Just a Game of Free Cell?

I admit it, like most people in this digital age I am drawn to my phone to play useless and mindless games.Fortunately for me it is an attraction and not an addiction. I find it can be a healthy distraction from stress and challenges that rise up and seize parts of my day. My game of the moment is Free Cell. It's a form of solitaire where the cards are laid out in random columns face up. The goal is to move the cards, Aces to Kings to four separate piles. There are "free cells" where you can move cards out of the way to get to the card you want. It's tricky because you get limited free cells to work with.

Lately, I've been fascinated by how this game imitates life. Yes, I know, get a life right? Seriously though, it's given me some insight that I wanted to share. You see, the cards are all laid out in front of you. Nothing hidden,or secret. The trick is to see the journey in sequences to win the game without redo's. That doesn't exactly sound like life but stay with me here.

I believe we do have the gift of vision. For most of us it is under developed and under used. If we opened our minds to being visionary we probably could see our life in front of us with a clear path to our goals and hearts desires. Instead we take paths that lead to either dead ends or a longer road. We reroute, try different strategies, or sadly, sometimes we give up.

Here is the really crazy thing, in Free Cell when I get stuck, and I mean really stuck, the winning strategy sometimes comes with throwing caution to the wind and taking the way that seems least likely to get me to goal. Really, what does this all mean? Absolutely nothing, it's a silly game. But it has opened my eyes to how I look at my life and business goals.

The best strategy is the clear vision where we know where we are going and precisely how to get there. Not an easy thing to do. Knowing what those end goals are is first and foremost to being visionary. That's how you begin to see your path and each step along the way. But sometimes, no matter how clear it looks, you end up with one card, just one, that's a game changer. It stops you dead in your tracks. I think that's where we need to be open to the "road least likely". Because what happens is that we are drawn to certain patterns and pathways, trying to go the same way over and over, still getting to the same place. By completely changing the way we see the pattern we become open to new pathways, alternate routes that get us to are destiny.

I love being involved in marketing strategies because it's all about vision, pathways and end goals. Mapping out the game plan to success feeds my soul, so if there is anyway I can help you with a Free Cell strategy for your business please

give me a call. We'll start with the vision, create the strategy, and get the win!


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