• Michelle Faust

This is what an ugly sock party looks like.

Recently, I posted this photo on Facebook and had a contest. The contest was to caption the photo and the one with the most “likes” got an Amazon gift card. My challenge was to write a blog about the photo and the caption. I wasn’t inspired. In fact, as much as I love to write, I sat on this one a while. Then it came to me. I’ve been in Las Vegas with friends for the past 5 days and walking along the strip this morning I thought to myself, this is one big ugly sock party! Socks, sweaters, pants, hair, etc. One person’s ugly is another person’s beautiful.

I realize this is not an original thought. Diversity, acceptance, tolerance, these are all common themes being discussed across the world. What is a little more meaningful to me is how we can apply this to everyday circumstances in our everyday life.

Here in Vegas this week I am part of a sizeable group from around the world. Our group of about a dozen people represent Canada, the US, Costa Rica, Panama, and Finland. We’re the same, only different. I love being a small part of a big idea. At the base level we are human beings, we love, we laugh, we cry, we hurt, we sleep, eat, shop, work, and so on. When we take the time to peel back the individual layers of who we are there is a marvelous discovery to be made about the complex and beautiful internal make-up of people. But first impressions create powerful emotions.

In decades and centuries past we tried so hard to be like everyone else. We followed fashion trends and societal norms so as not to stand out. We stayed within an acceptable range of possible good impressions. As much as I don’t always see the “beauty” in certain personal presentations, it really is refreshing that our society no longer puts rigid boundaries on how we express ourselves.

The key takeaway is, if you want to create a positive impression know your audience. Whether you are promoting yourself or your business (or both), you need to understand how to present yourself, so your market perceives “beauty”. We want our audience to like what they see, feel a need to engage, and integrate what we are promoting into their lives.

It’s a big, beautiful/ugly world out there. Isn’t it fantastic?

Look for the next photo/caption contest in March to claim your Amazon gift card and serve me up a blogging challenge.


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