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I haven’t done such a great job of keeping up with my own blogs and newsletters because I’ve been busy handling them for clients. Which is a great thing! But the other significant occurrence in the past few months is a metamorphosis of Rhino Online Strategies & eCreativity. The business was born out of my love for writing, a fascination with entrepreneurs, and a desire to be a part of their success. Along the way I have made some truly amazing connections with people of talent, creativity, passion, philanthropy, energy and discipline. Every day has been filled with new encounters and events that I wanted to hold onto. I built this metaphorically large box to contain all the people, experiences, learning opportunities, and big dreams that have come into my life in the last year. Well, that box got too big for me to hold and manage, and because of that I couldn’t manage growth either.

Why I am Telling You This

Because birthing and nurturing a new business is hard work and most entrepreneurs stumble and fall on the journey. We learn from our own mistakes, as well as others. The message here is to share how I have defined my business and brought clarity to what I do, who I serve, and how I can help others. I’ve lost some opportunities in the past because I was afraid to narrow my focus, that I would miss a potential client if I did. This only led to confusion of what is it I really do? Don’t let that happen to you. Sometimes it is necessary to let your business grow legs to follow opportunities but focus and develop the strongest of those legs, cut the other ones off. If you don’t have a business coach on board, I highly recommend that. They will see the hard stuff you don’t want to recognize, help you let go of the things you need to eliminate and embrace what you need to build and develop.

My Growth and Evolution

The original foundation is still there, I am a content writer specializing in web and social media sites; I also offer entrepreneurial support through my marketing and radio podcasts. Here is the value-added service that was the missing piece and my natural development by following the strongest legs. I now have on board one of the most talented social media marketers I have ever met. And I’ve met a lot of them. His name is Jacob Fann and he is a critical and integral part of my team. The content I write now is going to places they’ve never gone before, to targeted specific audiences. We do this with geo targeting, pixelated capturing and coding, prospect converting, look alike audiences, and email building, all of which leads to increased exposure and sales.

Rhino Nation Radio

Rhino Nation is a show I sponsor on Phoenix Business Radiox. It is an incredible platform for promoting your business and amplifying your voice. For me, it is a great way to make valuable connections, identify potential business opportunities, and it’s FUN! It is also a natural extension of what I do for marketing and supporting small business. We record live and then post the audio file to the BRX website www.phoenixbusinessradiox.com where it is archived as a podcast. The podcast is rich with content to stimulate engagement, foster connections, and elevate your business message through social media channels, as well as press releases, content for books, and YouTube. For podcast listeners there is a wealth of great business tips and ideas, especially for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneur wannabes. We have a great line-up of business experts, community leaders and young, mind-blowing next generation leaders for guests next year. However, we are always looking to connect with potential guests and sponsors. If you are (or if you know) a business leader who is making an impact and deserves to be recognized please let me know.


As I come up on my one-year anniversary I want to express my sincere appreciation for everyone who has followed me on this journey, provided mentorship, given me support, and especially my clients, I am thankful for every one of you. I’d love to hear from you to re-connect, get feedback, or answer questions. Give me a call or shoot me an email.

Wishing you peace and prosperity in 2019!


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