• Michelle Faust

What Does Entrepreneurial Support Mean?

It’s on my business card but, what exactly does it entail? To be honest, it started out as educational resources for the entrepreneur/small business owner. Now it’s morphing into something altogether different and it’s exciting to see the path it is taking. I’ve been focused this year on making some truly great connections with amazing and talented individuals who are successful entrepreneurs and professionals within their industry. I’ve surrounded myself with a great crew in which to collaborate.

Take a look at the photo above. The beauty in the rock formation is in the strong foundation, the layers that prop up the head boulder and the surrounding flowers that envelope the rocks in vibrant color and natural splendor. A creation that becomes something stronger and more magnificent than a rock alone. I have a whole team of small business consultant’s that I work with which allows me to expand my services to my clients. I have at my fingertips what it takes to help you build a strong and thriving business.

What I do best is write dynamic content and copy to attract your target market more effectively. I provide powerful messaging that connects with your audience because I craft the words to reflect you, your product/service and the needs, wants, and desires of your customers. But, let’s say you want to revamp your website, increase your SEO or boost your social media ads. I can help you with that. Chances are, whatever your particular needs are I can connect you with someone that will do an outstanding job. Being an entrepreneur/small business owner means overseeing many aspects of business. In addition to marketing and selling you have to concern yourself with business law, banking, investments, insurance, real estate, etc.

A big part of what I do is take on the tasks that slow you down. At Rhino Online Strategies & Ecreativity I want to help you to charge like a rhinoceros. So you can focus on the end goal and not let anything stop you in your tracks. I want you to do what you do best…grow your business!

For those of you who prefer do-it-yourself, I have over 400 business education products that can teach you just about anything you want to know. Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll direct you to the right product to power up your business.

As another way to provide information and value to my readers and business associates I will now be including a section in my monthly newsletter to highlight areas of business that may be of importance to you. I’ll offer one or more recommendations with contact information should you wish to reach out to any one of them. I can’t and won’t guarantee anyone but if they make my newsletter that means I know them personally and think highly of them.

I welcome your feedback so reach out to me via my Facebook business page or email if you have any comments or requests. https://www.facebook.com/michellecontentandcopywriter/

As we wrap up the month of February I have to ask, “Where Did It Go?”


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